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Nur Ul Islam 3 years plan, Insha'Alah

Nur Ul Islam South Florida Inc.


Executive Committee Goals for

 Three Years Ending December 31, 2024

  1. Complete the Grand Mosque building
  2. Set up a professional office to service the membership
  3. Get the financial statements independently reviewed by a CPA firm
  4. Establish a dynamic youth arm
  5. Reinvigorate the membership to participate in religious, social, and community activities.
  6. Establishing bridges between members from different communities to know each other and work together in unity build NUI into a cohesive and progressive organization in service to its members, the community, and the world at large.
  7. Establish working committees to broaden the management structure of the organization and to groom future leaders.
  8. Do a feasibility study for the building of a Multi-Unit Apartment Building for Senior Citizens on the former Nursery property on 59th Ave and get Board of Trustee and Community approval for such development.
  9. Use the NUI Website, Facebook, and other electronic media to market the organization and effectively communicate activities with the membership and community at large.
  10. Organize lectures, conventions, and conferences to educate, motivate and spiritually enlighten our members and the community at large.


Executive Committee 


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